1. determine the sum of (Freq. 1)

Add all the people in this town to those of the neighboring town

total, ↑tot, ↑tot up, ↑sum, ↑sum up, ↑tote up, ↑add, ↑add together, ↑tally, ↑add up
Derivationally related forms:
tally (for: ↑tally), ↑addible (for: ↑add), ↑additive (for: ↑add), ↑addable (for: ↑add), ↑addition (for: ↑add), ↑adder (for: ↑add), ↑sum, ↑sum (for: ↑sum), ↑summation (for: ↑sum), ↑total (for: ↑total)
Hypernyms: ↑count, ↑number, ↑enumerate, ↑numerate
Verb Group: ↑add, ↑add together
Verb Frames:

Somebody ——s something


Something ——s something

2. form or constitute a cumulative effect
Derivationally related forms: ↑sum
Hypernyms: ↑combine
Verb Frames:

Something ——s


Something is ——ing PP

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